Yes!!! We all have a bad habit of making excuses, when it comes to pursuing our dreams. Have you ever tried to find out why we always find a reason not to follow our dreams or not to take action? Not only this, but we are also blessed with a kind of the incredible ability to justify why the dream is not being followed by us. We feel proud at the time of convincing ourselves that we are not doing it because of that reason.

Let’s Check Out What Kind Of Excuse We Make

  • I’m too tired.”

  • I’ll start tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.”

  • I’m too young.”

  • I’m too old.”

  • I don’t have enough talent.”

  • It’ll take too much time”

  • It’s too late, I should have started earlier.”

  • It’s too hard”

  • I’m waiting for the right inspiration.”

  • I don’t have enough money.”

3 Steps How To Stop Making Excuses-

But It is enough. You need to stop making excuses; otherwise, it will be very late. Let us know about the factors you need to pay attention over them to get rid of this habit.

  • Identify The Problem – Have you ever tried to go in-depth of the problem? If your answer is in negative. You need to go and dig out the points, which are responsible and force you to make excuse. It is the first step to fix any kind of behavioural problems. You may not believe, but the habit of making excuse hindering your personal growth. If you are one of them, who love to pass the blame on to your teammates, then you must stop doing this. It is not kind of bad habit. If you wish to become a team-leader of your team, you need to behave like that kind of person.

  • Start Taking Responsibilities – If you are not in the mood to take responsibilities of big tasks, then start with the small one. But the point is that you need to be responsible. The work you are going to take, you need to accomplish as per the deadline. It does not matter what is your goal unless your take responsibilities for your life. Start focusing the things, which you can change. Following this thing helps you a lot to bring change in yourself.

  • What Is All About Your Focus – You may not know, but most excuses occur because of happening something wrong before you kick off the new task. But you must not pay attention over the failure. It may bring your confidence down and will not help you to motivate. You must not add your name in the list of the people who waste their valuable time on things that do not really matter at all. And these things distract their mind and does not allow them to complete the task. If you never wish that you ever face productivity based problems, then stop drawing your attention towards these kinds of bogus points and stop making excuse.

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