Do you wish to revive your old post and wish to get a number of clicks? Here, we are going to share very simple, easy-to-follow and real examples of how to bring your content and brand to life. Let’s have a look.

1 Why Do Not You turn your favourite content into an eye-catching Animated Video – Why do not you create an animated video of your old content? Do not you think it sounds very existing? If yes!!! Then what are you waiting for? You just need to a bit hard work to make it more interesting so it will lure the audience to go to the page where you are going to publish. It is a kind of way that you are making your old content in a very spicy manner. It will not only enhance the value of your web portal but enough to jazz up the mind of the audience too. You need to use infographics and animated videos to give it a rebirth. It is an ideal tool for building backlink as well as raising the chance of getting social shares. After using bit creativity, you are all set to upload this video on YouTube and Face book.

2 Add Interesting Title and Subheading – Yes!!! It is another great way to add life to your old content. No need to do a lot of hard work. Just go through your old one content and change all the mentioned titles and subheadings. If you did not add, the subtitles earlier then this time you have chance to add them. Keep in mind that you need to add pretty much interesting and attention grabbing words in the title. It is required to understand that it is the title, which portrays a crucial role to bring the reader to your page. And the next is subheading, which does not let the readers boring and keep them engaged with the content unless it gets finished.

3 Did you add interesting image earlier- It is all about image, which speaks more than the words. If you wish to attract your readers once again through the same content, then you need to add interesting image this time. You need to categorize your content into various paragraphs and add the image as per the mentioned text so it will help to explore more. You may also add text below the pictures to clear that about what is being talked here.

4 Internal Linking – To make your old one post high in demand once again, there is another trick in this list. And it is very helpful as it goes along with the SEO techniques as well. This time what you need to do is that add the link to the new posts. You need to figure out the text where it can associate with the link of you new posts. At the time of adding a link, you need to keep a close eye where the similar ideas are being shared and the perfect line to add a relevant link to your new post.

5 Create a FAQ page– you may create a FAQ page to erase the confusions regarding the particular topic. To take the reader to the old content, you can add a link which answering the question on FAQ page.

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