Coaching Course : 2-Day Intensive Business Success Training Program

Amanda, thank you for the 2-day intensive training. I found the outline of the course well-structured and I appreciated how you provided easy step by step instructions to follow… as well as backing it up with short videos to assist with anything that I was not clear on.

Your daily support and interaction in our group is immeasurable and so very highly appreciated!

You are a teacher who genuinely wants to see has her clients succeed, and I can really feel this during our daily interactions!

I have learnt so much., and from the bottom of my I thank you 💖

Love Lucy xo 😘

Lucy Atai – Sydney, Australia







Coaching Course : 10-Day FAST-TRACK your Business Success Training Program

I just recently took Amanda Wright’s “10 Day Fast-Track Your Online Biz in 2017” course. I learned a lot! Amanda is very inspiring and very interested in helping her students overcome their challenges.

The course teaches attraction marketing, free lead generation, and how to set up a Facebook group, a Business page and attract new prospects & clients. Amanda teaches how to develop the all-important know/like/trust factor, an essential skill required when establishing new business relationships and securing long term customers.

All students were encouraged to do Facebook Live! in order to get our face in front of our audience and attract a following. 

There was homework assigned each day to get us to take action each day since online marketers should be taking massive action each day to have a profitable online business. Amanda reviewed all the homework and gave constructive feedback which was very helpful. Amanda encouraged all the students to think about their online biz, record our goals for the year; and document specific plans for meeting those goals. 

I feel that this course was very informative, and well worth the time and effort that I put into it to fast-track my online biz. Amanda Wright, thank you for offering and teaching this course! I am glad I took the course; and I would like to take other courses from you in the future!


NancyLynn DunnavantCheck – Lebanon, Tennessee, USA




Coaching Course : 1-1 Private Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

I wanted to let you know how thankful I was for your mentoring Amanda.  I couldn’t believe you sent me in writing all what we had discussed, it helped so much seeing it in writing.  It was my lucky day when we met in Jamaica last year. I just wanted to thank you again, Amanda, I couldn’t have done it without you! – You are the best!

Bonnie Major – Burlington, New Jersey, USA


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