My Story

Hello, my name is Amanda Wright and my experience spans over 25 years. On graduating in September 1996, I then went on to complete an 18-year corporate project management career, working globally in planning and project controls for Tier 1 construction organizations across the world. I worked on multi-million and billion-dollar infrastructure, engineering and mining projects in the UK, Taiwan and Australia.

During the last 5-years I worked as CEO at Amanda’s therapies a holistic wellness practice in Brisbane. More recently, over last 2-years, l have worked at Amanda Wright, and studied internet marketing, affiliate marketing, attraction marketing and the benefits of using social media and targeted marketing to promote small businesses.

My corporate career and working at Amanda’s Therapies overlapped, and late 2014, l concluded my corporate career and decided to focus primarily on developing Amanda’s therapies holistic practice.

However, l soon found that one of the biggest challenges I had to overcome with my small business development, was how to get my message in front of enough of the right people so that l could scale-up and develop my business growth and branding.

This challenge came from lack of training and education provided on the degree and diploma courses that l studied over the last 25 years.

The Natural Medicine Advanced Diploma course that I completed in Brisbane, 2011, I often remember my lecturers quoting how 90% of small business startups won’t make it past the first two years.

It wasn’t until late 2014, upon corporate redundancy, and vowing never to return to the construction industry again, I had a burning desire to succeed as a small business owner or for better word “Entrepreneur” and make a difference in the world, but knew big challenges lie ahead for me. To say l was scared and nervous was an understatement.

With Fear and anxiety now at the forefront of my mind, coupled with the stats firmly cemented at the back of my mind that 90% of small business start-ups fail, l knew l was at risk. However, determined as ever, focused, and committed, l knew l had to find a way to make my dreams and passion’s as a business entrepreneur come to fruition.  After all, l was not about to end up another statistic. Failure was simply not an option.

After leaving my job & feeling burnt-out, I decided to take a break, so I flew to Thailand, and sat on a beach to watch the world go by.

As l slowly felt the release of tension from my body, and as l watched many sunsets, I began focusing my mind on how to get inside the 10% club.

It was then I had a defining moment.

With a decluttered mind, and clarity l started to realize just how many people in everyday life, where-ever l went, wherever l looked, were connected to the digital world.

iPad, iPhone, laptop, smart device, mobile phone, you name it, it has become an extension of our lives today as we now know it.  Quite different from 20 years ago, wouldn’t you agree? I recall getting my first mobile phone, (which was the size of a brick by the way), back in uni days around 1994-95, and it was so big, bulky, and heavy, l didn’t even have room in my handbag for it on a night out! Little did l know at the time, that this was the beginning of the digital age that has evolved in to what it is today.

Fast-track to early 2015, and there’s me laying on a beach in Koh Samui, Thailand, taking some time out, having a defining moment, and visualizing my business being accessible across any mobile device, to highly targeted traffic, (my audience).

This audience would already be in the market looking for my products, goods and services.

What I needed to figure out, was how to get in front of this audience with a clear message and make sales.

However, with no training or education in marketing and social media targeting, l did not possess the necessary skills to achieve this objective at the time.

Never one to let obstacles stand in the way, I decided to make it my business objective to master internet marketing, social media marketing and attraction marketing and become a business entrepreneur.

I then spent the next two years educating myself on business planning,  business startup, online marketing strategies, communication, sales psychology, promotion strategies, market research and consumer behaviour.

Fast-track today, 2017, and l now have acquired the necessary marketing skills to understand what it takes to be a successful Business Entrepreneur and stand out from the crowd.


Now I want to pass these skills and help you.

Welcome to Amanda Wright, Lifestyle & Business Coach & Consultant.

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