Freedom Lifestyle

Imagine a Lifestyle where you had Infinite Amount of Time, Freedom, Abundance & Wealth?

Tim Ferris calls this the 4-hour work-week.

Business Entrepreneurs call it Living a Freedom & Abundant Lifestyle doing what you love!


What is a Freedom & Abundant & Lifestyle doing something that You Love & How Can You Get One?

Ask business entrepreneurs all around the world, and there’s one common theme as to what they would say:


A Freedom & Abundant Lifestyle is having a business model that you can work around and not in.


Unlike when working for a boss, You get to choose when you want to work, Your hours, Your Time, plus you also get to choose with whom you want to work.


You have the freedom of choice to run your life as you choose.

You are essentially the architect of your life!

And with you in complete control, and in the driving seat, you can set your business up on autopilot, and take off on that mini break or extended vacation when ever you please.


A Freedom & Abundant Lifestyle essentially means that you have complete freedom to live your life the way you choose!  

How do You achieve a Freedom & Abundant Lifestyle?

Now, l am not going to lie to you, there is some work involved!

Establishing your own business requires some real work, but once set up and in place, why not switch your business systems on autopilot and watch you business grow, after all you’ve earn’t it! Also, why not employ the services of a virtual assistant from any where in the world, and they will happily assist you by remote access & cater to all your business needs, leaving your free to enjoy life!

So, you’re interested right? And would like to learn more about how you can set up a business model on autopilot and live that freedom & abundant lifestyle?

But now your left stuck scratching your head wondering ‘how’ ‘where’ and ‘what’, business to start?

If this sounds like you, ask yourself the following 7-Key Questions:


  1. What are people struggling with?

  2. What are peoples pain points?

  3. Where is there a gap in the market?

  4. Who is your ideal customer?

  5. What is it that you are passionate about?

  6. What is it that inspires you?

  7. How can you help people?

Once you have the answer to these 7-key-questions, then you can start formulating a Business, Operations & Financial Plan.

With these plans in place, you can then start breaking down your business objectives in to smaller goals and targets.


The next step is start making your dream business happen & learn how to Brand, Promote & Market Yourself, in the most cost effective way possible using social media. This I will talk more about another time.


In the meantime, if you are stuck where to start, or would like help formulating a business plan or help with social media marketing, please contact Amanda today for your Free 30-min consultation with your expression of interest.


7- Key Entrepreneurial Strategies for success!

🙏 Learn how you can help people.

🙏 Understand how you can solve peoples problems.

🙏 Get comfortable stepping outside of your comfort zone.

🙏 Live by your true authentic self.

🙏 Stop worrying about what others think.

🙏 Live your dreams and follow your passions.

🙏 Be creative & share your unique talents with the world.

🙏 Compliment yourself and others daily.



‘The biggest challenges in life are the obstacles you will overcome, and the biggest investment you can make is in yourself.’ Amanda Wright

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