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Course start date: 16th January 2017

Do You Find That Certain "Road Blocks" are 'Currently Preventing You' From Moving Forward in Your Online Business?


Do you find that you're Blowing your "Ad-Budget" way to fast & tearing your hair out in shear frustration at lack of sales?

Are you still "Struggling" to get qualified leads that want to buy from you?

Do you lay awake at night wondering why your "leads" are not converting into sales?

Do you feel simply feel "tired, fed-up & frustrated" up at not meeting your income goals & the thought of working for a boss for the rest of your life is not what you had in mind?


If you answered Yes! - I can help you!


Welcome to the "FAST-TRACK" Your 'Online Business Success' 10-Day Coaching Program.

With Key Tools & Strategies revealed in the "Fast-Track" Your Online Business Success 10-day Coaching Program, I am going to teach you; how to over-come frustration, fear & self sabotage and manifest the success and abundance that you deserve in your business. I will also teach you; how to take charge, and feel empowered finically, and give you all the tools and researches by the end of the 10-days to help you achieve your gaols and dreams in 2017.

Here's what else You will also learn over the course of the 10-days in a Fully Interactive, Private, & Exclusive Facebook Group:


Presenting the "Fast-Track" Your Online 'Business Success' 10-day Online Coaching Program!


Tools & Resources

Training tool #1

Learn how to generate organic leads, that wont cost you a penny using strategies that I am going to teach you using Facebook attraction marketing.

Training tool #2

Learn how to promote your brand, advertise, and market your product, good or service on Facebook without spending a cent.

Training tool #3

Learn how to prepare and present video ads, Facebook Live and deliver your own unique crafted sales message to your avatar, (target market).

Training Tool #4

Learn from within a 10-day fully supported & interactive Facebook Group designed exclusively & only for this coaching program. You will also have access to this course for life and have the opportunity to network with a group of like minded people and get all your questions answered in the group.

Strategies & Support

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of what you will get on the '10-day Business Success Coaching Program'

  • How to overcome fear, take charge & make a plan towards choices that support your needs.
  • Discover how to not self-sabotage yourself but feel healthy and wealthy every day, starting now!
  • Step out of being fearful & stuck & overwhelmed & into success & abundance for income & lifestyle choices.
  • Activate your ideal business today with small business training & hands-on coaching every step over 10-days.
  • Become part of a group of like-minded people letting go of fear & learning how to live financially free.




Amanda, thank you for the 2-day intensive training. I found the outline of the course well-structured and I appreciated how you provided easy step by step instructions to follow... as well as backing it up with short videos to assist with anything that I was not clear on.

Your daily support and interaction in our group is immeasurable and so very highly appreciated!

You are a teacher who genuinely wants to see has her clients succeed, and I can really feel this during our daily interactions!

I have learnt so much, and from the bottom of my I thank you 💖

Love Lucy xo 😘

Lucy Atai
Lucy Atai

I just wanted to let you know how ever so thankful I was for your mentoring Amanda.

I couldn’t believe you provided such good follow-up and emailed me in writing all what we had discussed in our mentoring sessions.  It helped so much seeing it in writing. 

It was my lucky day when we met in Jamaica in April 2016 at a business conference. I just wanted to say, thank you again Amanda, I couldn’t have done it without you! 

- You're the best!- Bonnie

Bonnie Major
Bonnie Major

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