Success is Never an Accident. It’s a Choice.

Yes thats right, it takes years of hard work, dedication and commitment to get to the top.

Entrepreneurs are willing to do what ever it takes to succeed and do what 95% of the population are not prepared to do.

Those types of people are extremely hardworking, focused, constantly networking, interested in helping others, planning business strategies & constantly reviewing their goals, targets and achievements to stay on track.

Aspiring Entrepreneur Skills & Qualities

Forbes report in an article, 26th Nov 2013, the 8 skills every successful entrepreneur has in common:

  • Resiliency. The ability to weather any storm. Expect the unexpected! life happens and your business may never go according to your business plan, but get up dust yourself off and keep on moving.
  • Focus. Make sure you get very focused on your goals and dreams. Staying focused is key as there are many distractions that will steal your time and make you less productive.
  • Invest for the long-term. We all want the next quick fix, however building a business and becoming an entrepreneur for the long term requires serious investment of your time and finances.
  • Find and manage people. We can’t do everything ourselves, we don’t possess the skills for a start & we would take too long to learn and implement everything. Learn to outsource and use your time on key money generating tasks.
  • Sell. Find your target audience and market to them. Every entrepreneur has something to sell, so get selling or find a team of people that can sell for you
  • Learn. To stay ahead of your game, you need to bring yourself up to date with the latest information, training, webinars and live events in your niche. You can also learn by associating yourself with like minded business people and exchange ideas.
  • Self-reflection. Take a step back, reflect on your achievements and take some time to rest, exercise and meditate.
  • Self-reliance. As your skills portfolio develops as an entrepreneur, so will your self-reliance and ability to depend on yourself.


So what do Entrepreneurs actually do? and How to become an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs do many things, from filling a gap in the market with a providing a new product or service or just provide extra competition in the market with a competitive product or service.

Take the Internet for example; Emails have replaced faxes; Music & film downloads have replaced CD’s and DVD’s; Netflix has replaced the DVD rental store industry.

Successful business entrepreneurs have been behind the scenes of these major digital changes in our lives and profited in millions of dollars from changing the way we live and continue to do so every single day.

Digital Change

We are now living in a digital information super highway!

Digital information is at our finger tips and more and more entrepreneurs are utilising the internet to build their business and their branding.


Its a well known fact that innovation will shape our future. Since the commercialisation of the Internet in 1995, we have seen the launch of the online digital information highway and numerous social media sites.

With the speed that the Internet is increasing and the data allowance, tapping in to your target market is at your digital fingertips. And with social platforms currently driving the world, there has never been a better time for entrepreneurs to utilise the Internet to get to their target market.

Aspiring Entrepreneur

Fancy being an entrepreneur?

Having a mentor is key to the aspiring mentor so fast track your success. Learn from those that have been through it all already. If you haven’t already got a mentor, start reading motivational books written by successful business entrepreneurs. Also remember to have a clear vision challenge yourself, do some thing you care about, trust in yourself, take the risk, face your fears, find like minded people, take constant consistent action, set your goals and targets, prioritise your work load, outsource, learn from your mistakes, know your customer and understand your market, spend carefully and delivery increasing value for that competitive edge.

Be Your Own Boss

What does it take to be your own boss?

Create work that you love, follow your passions and dreams and turn them into reality.

If you are unhappy in your current job, only you can change that. you can become your own boss doing something you love. Take a stand for yourself and a conscious decision to bring about change in your life. Identify what you would like to do and start to get very focused, develop a business plan, know your target audience, join networking groups in your niche, learn how to create and add value and spread the word about your new business venture.

Planning your Financial future

If you are serious about becoming an entrepreneur, it is important that you plan for your financial future in the process. Don’t blow your budget and spend wisely whilst building your business. Learn from your mentors and an entrepreneur program that can help you structure your future to secure your financial future.

How do I Get Started as an Entrepreneur?

If you have a business idea, concept or plan, are interested in learning how to make your business a reality, then Amanda can help you.

Amanda helps new and existing small business owners develop a business plan and define objectives and targets to achieving your business goals and dreams and the dream lifestyle that you deserve.


Amanda will work closely with you, and look at the bigger picture to helping you become a successful entrepreneur, and help you work on your mindset as well as business objectives.

So if you are serious about becoming an entrepreneur and not sure where to start, please contact Amanda to qualify for your Free-30 minute coaching strategy session to discuss your business goals and objectives so we can work out your success strategy today!


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