With income disclosures, the FTC is very clear with their requirements. Whenever an income claim is made, regulators assume that the claim is deceptive unless the proper substantiation is provided. Their rationale is simple: when representing non-average earnings i.e. big money that is only realized by few people, it’s important to provide the prospects with average earnings so they can make informed decisions. It’s not exactly fair because the average earnings are skewed downwards due to the low cost of entry and a complete lack of activity from most participants.
Whenever income is referenced, in whatever format, an IDS needs to be provided to the prospect. There are two key reasons referenced in nearly every complaint filed by regulators against MLMs: the main reason is lack of external sales. The other reason is grossly exaggerated income claims made by field leaders without proper substantiation. When a company creates discipline in its leaders to properly use income disclosure statements, it’s a great hedge against a serious risk factor.


The IDS needs to be provided when income claims are made. Express income claims are claims occur when various scenarios are provided i.e. “put in 50 people in your business, earn X dollars.” Implied income claims are usually the most common and occur when speakers reference lavish lifestyles, nice homes, cars and any form of success that can be achieved by way of the business. Whenever an income claim is made, a disclaimer needs to be provided in the same font or format as the statement that triggered it. As an example, if I say “Buy the home you’ve always wanted” in bold, larger than normal font, the disclaimer technically needs to be made in the exact same format. This is an unusual requirement passed by the FTC to apply pressure on companies to keep their income claims less conspicuous.


Amanda Wright Compensation Plan is currently not available as Amanda Wright does not directly offer a compensation plan at the time of writing. However, when such an exciting opportunity is launched individual results will vary depending on commitment levels and sales skills of each participant.

For third party compensation plans promoted by Amanda Wright, please refer to the income disclaimer for each separate company that you are interested in promoting & or investing into. Amanda Wright holds no responsibility or liability for any claims and income claims made by third party company’s.

For coaching, training & mentoring program’s Amanda Wright offers and provides and which you (the individual), agrees to purchase, and commit to; results and outcomes will vary from individual to individual.

What will determine the individual’s results and outcomes depends on the level of commitment, and time and focus the individual applies as well as having a strong work ethic & applying all the exercises and all trainings.

Amanda Wright suggests that you disclose & discuss your individual needs such as learning disabilities, & any other special requirements prior to entering into agreement for coaching, training & mentoring provided by Amanda Wright.

Last updated 5th March 2017.