Tips To Help You Overcome Guilt about Charging For Your Time

Tips To Help You Overcome Guilt:

You must be familiar with the old adage that time is money. If you have spent few years in any industry, you will clearly understand that charging one for your time or work is just obvious. It is quite interesting to find that there are many people who have an underlying guilt about charging for their time from customers or clients or even general people. To be frank that is nothing to feel guilty about as this is the way in which any industry works. Consultants, who give their time in guiding others on various issues and jobs, are the most highly paid professionals in any industry. If they start feeling guilty about charging for their time, the profession will have no value at all.

Mentioned below are some tips which will help in overcoming the guilt factor which many people have about charging for their time:

  • People Give value to things for which they pay

Take a Simple example – you got an e-book for free from somewhere and you purchased a book by paying some money. Which book would you read first or which would seem more valuable? Definitely, the one you purchased with money. This is general tendency that when people get something for free, they do not value the thing. But the moment some kind of monetary investment is made, the first thing is to get the maximum ROI from the same. Money simply helps in trading time with things that are valuable. So there is no harm in charging for the time invested.

  • You are helping someone make money from your invested time

Suppose you wrote a blog for someone or developed an app for someone for free. Have you ever thought that the other person will be earning great revenues by selling the app or by sharing the blog on some top ranked sites? So the money you take for investing your time and doing the work will actually help another person in making money from it. Doesn’t this give you enough reason for not feeling guilty for charging your time?

  • Keep on Doing things for free until you are really pressed

Well, if you feel too guilty of charging for your time, continue your charity work. Time will come when you will have no money to pay your bills. Since people will know that you offer service free of charge, you will be loaded with work. And then you can start charging for your time and work. Since you are providing work that people want, they might be happy to pay.

  • Understand Time and tide wait for none

Our parents had been warning us since childhood that time and tide wait for none. Making the best use of time is what is recommended. If you feel that charging for your time has guilt factor associated with it, just think that the time spent will never come back. If you don’t charge for the gone time, it means it has gone waste. Is that feasible?

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