The Matrix

Last time l talked about the ‘glitch’ in the system, and until only recently, I knew there was some sort of failing in the system, but for some very long time, l couldn’t actually put my finger on it….. Or at least think about it too much, for lack of not knowing what l didn’t know.

So it’s London, England in 1996, and I graduate with a BSc Construction Management Degree. I was in my early twenties with my whole life ahead of me. ‘I was invincible of course I was’, who isn’t at that age?

I enjoyed the London scene to the fullest, brought a house, brought a car, had a fantastic well-paying job, l had a ball. Life couldn’t have been better.

It was when l was 26, I started dating a guy that wanted to get married and settle down that l
realised l wanted more out of life. Not to say that l never wanted to get married and have kids, but timing was way off. ‘I wanted more out of life, but l didn’t know what’.

But one thing l did know for certain was; and that was ‘I wanted to travel overseas BIGTIME!’

At 29, a new chapter of my life started, l took off to travel the world. Australia, New Zealand,
Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, India & South Africa, (‘South Africa l still never made to this day as l run out of money!’ which I am sure many of you can relate to if you have ever attempted to travelled the world!?).

So over the course of my travels, l fell in love with Australia, found a job that eventuated in my career path development in ‘Project Management, within Planning & Project Controls’ across the
East Coast of Australia.

Over the next few years I travelled extensively with work, and l had everything a girl could ask for, ‘The Ultimate Jet Set Lifestyle’. ‘My life was set’… But was it?

Somewhere along the way l seemed to get lost in the matrix.

I got completely lost.

I got lost at work, l got lost in my personal life.

I kept seeing myself going into a maze and I could not find my way out.

I even saw myself sailing at sea, in the South Pacific Ocean, drifting off out to know where on a boat, just me.

It took some time to come back…

‘Eventually l did manage to get out of the matrix’, and when that happened I saw the matrix for what it was… “A DARK BLACK HOLE; THE DARK SIDE; REPETITION; DISPLACEMENT; NOTHINGNESS; SELF-PITY; ISOLATION; DEPRESSION & LONELINESS”.

“I heard some people never come back”.

Fortunately l sort help, I decided to take responsibility for myself. I took a good hard long reality check in the mirror and decided to educate myself from my lessons in life.

Then when I came out the other side, ‘I felt empowered’; ‘l felt free’; ‘l felt alive again’; ‘l was no longer trapped’; ‘l had moved though the dark side of my life and live to tell the tale’.

‘So to this day, I am forever grateful for discovering the matrix and working thought these important lessons in life’.

“Life’s a journey …… Make sure your defining moments both good and bad teach you the lessons you are meant to learn in life, for these lessons are what make you succeed in life”.

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So until my next blog post; thank you for taking the time to tune in LifestyleCoach101.
Ciao 😉 Amanda

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