How to Make Someone Else’s Life Better?

Make Someone Else’s Life Better

Make Someone Else’s Life Better: We are busy with our lives juggling work, family, and responsibilities while several botheration exist to make our lives difficult. It is rather a dream to think of something beyond our preoccupation with our life. We might not have noticed that when we are focussed only on our problems, we aren’t contributing to making it better but worrying about them is definitely making us miserable. Problems exist but we must learn to bring positivity in our lives. In this regard will shifting focus from your problems to make efforts in bringing positivity solve your issues? The answer is most probably no. But your life will definitely transform. Your perspective will change and your botheration might not bother you anymore!

To make someone’s life better does not mean giving up your own life and become passive about your problems. You can learn to create space for something new while working on the situation of your life. Making someone else’s life better doesn’t only imply that you lend your hand to the disadvantaged sections of the society. You can start off with small, simple gestures which you didn’t do before and will be amazed by how these small things can make you happy. For example, most of the younger generation are very busy with studies, job, friends and social networking. We might not even sit down once with our parents or grandparents and chat for a few minutes. A smile of appreciation to your mom for what she has cooked, a lively chat with your parents or grandparents at the end of the day can make you realize how important these people are in your life. They often expect some acknowledgement from your side and while appreciating them you will definitely make them happier and better your life also.

Have you thought about the endless number of people who help to run your day? You might not realize but your driver, maid, security guard, garbage collector, delivery man and many others are the real heroes in running your everyday life smoothly. They obviously get paid for their job but their presence can’t be taken for granted. You can surprise them with nice things once in a while. You can voluntarily give them a day’s leave (not all of them at once of course!) or offer to help one of their kids’ education. If they face some crisis in life, help them. Treat them with dignity and since they are an essential part of your life create a sense of belongingness. You might be surprised how your positive vibes can increase their loyalty to you.

Once in a while visit places like orphanages, old age homes, institutions for differently abled people, etc. Don’t just give money but do things like sponsoring a meal or arrange an entertaining session for them. When you see people who are less lucky than you are getting happy, you feel grateful for what you have in life and your problems don’t seem too big. Bettering other’s lives can better yours too.

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