Life Changing Habits every 20 something must adopt

20 Habits that can change the way you live

 We all know how messy we get when we reach the age of 20 and it gets worse with each and every passing year. Though it requires little efforts to change the things but we are too lazy to do them. Here are simple to do 20 habits that can change the way you live, without much efforts being put on.

  1. Give someone a genuine complement every day. It might be their beauty, brain, gesture, humor or anything. It takes a little to make someone feel positive.

  2. Thank your partner for the small, expected things. They are the most vital ingredient for your life and you must tell them how important they are for you.

  3. Add healthy food to your diet if you cannot eliminate the bad food! Seriously this one is killer. Isn’t it?

  4. Learn to say sorry whenever it is needed. But always make it in a meaningful way. Accepting mistakes is not a big deal.

  5. Before you go to bed, ditch those electronic devices and give your mind some free time to think and rejuvenate itself, if you can.

  6. Go for a walk outside daily, even if it’s for a short time. This will add to health and relaxation.

  7. Set an alarm before you go to bed, at least half an hour prior to it. This way you can start packing and getting ready for sleep on time.

  8. Set your morning alarms with your favorite music tone or song rather than an irritating tune that takes the hell out of you.

  9. Try and start reading books. Start with a single page at start and keep increasing week by week.

  10. Make a to do list and fill it up with all the tasks that you want to do the next day. This will make you organized and you won’t forget works at all.

  11. Before lending money, make an assumption that you are not ever going to see it back. This will help you keep away from disappointments and false expectations.

  12. Go to bed angry and don’t fight with others. No matter what goes, you are going to wake up with a fresh mood next day.

  13. Use financial tracking tools if you can’t help with your expenditures. Keeping spending habits in control is vital to save money.

  14. Help people, without asking anything in return or expecting them to do something for you.

  15. Fill your plate with vegetables as much as you can.

  16. Get reusable water bottles to increase your water intake and ditch the soda, drinks, coffee, and tea.

  17. Master the art of power pose and sit in regulated ways.

  18. Try to see and accept the good in people, rather than pointing flaws within them.

  19. Think about your flaws and think how you can bring them in silver lining.

  20. Make you bed as soon as you get up, keep your clothes on place and also do away dishes right after you have eaten.

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