How to Overcome your Fears

Overcome Your Fears

Fear makes us weak. Fear stands in the way of success and greatness. Fear can keep you awake in the night. Getting over your fears is not necessarily easy, but it is also not impossible. Most of the people rather stick to their fear because it becomes the part of their lives. However, fear can stop you from doing the things that you may really want to do. It may also be the roadblock on the path to your dreams. Therefore, overcoming your fears is imperative. Here are some ways how to overcome your fears.

Understand your Fear

No one is completely fearless. Everyone has fears. In fact, in some ways fear is necessary. For instance, if you are not afraid of touching a live wire, you will get electrocuted. If you do not have the fear that an oncoming vehicle will hit you, you will not be careful while crossing the road. Fear results in caution and caution helps in remain safe. Fear is fine as long as it is rational. However, when the fear transforms into paranoia and becomes irrational, the real problem starts. For instance, if you have a very important meeting overseas which can transform your life but you cannot attend it because you have fear of flying. In that case, this fear will hinder your growth and future prospects. If you want to overcome your fears, you will first need to understand whether it is rational or irrational.

You may have a Past Baggage

Sometimes certain things happen in our past and they manifest in the present in the form of fear. For example, if you are excessively afraid of the dogs, it is quite likely you were bit by one as a child. The experience and the feeling of that pain may have created a permanent impression on your mind. Therefore, every time you see a dog, the same feeling is triggered and you feel the fear. Therefore, in such cases, it becomes necessary to get rid of the past baggage to overcome fear. Whenever you feel such a fear, instantly reason yourself with logic. For example, in the case of dog, you may want to enforce in your mind that if the dogs were really so dangerous as to warrant such a fear, then wouldn’t they be biting people all the time. If you have fear of flying, read the facts about airplanes and how they are built. You will be surprised to know that it is more likely to die in a train and road accident than a plane accident.

Face the fear Head-on

Sometimes, the only way to overcome your fear is by facing it head-on. For instance, if you are scared of public speaking but you need to learn the art to further your career, then instead of shying away from it, do it more often. You will see that gradually the intensity of fear will go down and there will be a time when it will vaporize completely. There is only a limit up to which the fear can control you. If you meet it with strength and resolve, you will be able to overcome it.

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