We are our own best friend and our own worst enemy. If we don’t help ourselves to move your life forward then who will?

Give up on these 15 things in life and see how it makes a difference.

1. The attraction for new stuff

Buy one thing today and tomorrow there’s a new, improved and more expensive version available for it. Stop clinging to such attractions and be happy with what you own.

2. Old is gold, but not always

How many things sit idle at your home that you don’t use and don’t intend to use in future as well? Cut them lose. A clean home will create a happy and lovely atmosphere.

3. Add only friends that matter

You might have tens of thousands of friends on social media but how many of them actually matter to you? One rotten mango can spoil the whole lot. Don’t hesitate to “unfriend” the rotten mangoes.

4. A qualitative phone directory

Quality matters over quantity. Whenever you have free time, scroll down your phone list and delete the contacts that you haven’t dialed and don’t wish to dial in future.

5. Not-so-favorite dressMOVE YOUR LIFE FORWARD

Again, dump all the clothes that are simply eating up space of your wardrobe. Trust us, you’ll feel free.

6. No excuses, please

Every problem has a solution. Stop making excuses and start finding solutions on the go!

7. A light baggage

Everyone considers their problems to be bigger than others. Going light will make it easy for you to move your life forward.

8. There’s nothing called as “right” time

Waiting for the right or perfect time will only delay your actions. Don’t wait for the right time, instead focus on creating one and get to the task at hand.

9. Don’t be insecure. Be you

Insecurity will hold you back. Rather be confident about yourself and don’t be insecure about others. Let them deal with their own problems while you manage yours.

10. Don’t keep things in your heart

You might have reserved numerous stories in your heart. But are they really worth preserving it? Let it go. It will make you feel light.

11. Axe your Ex’s

Unless you run an axe over your ex’s you’ll never be able to find a better one. Open your eyes and heart, life is full of colors and love is all around.

12. Failure is the best teacher

You won’t learn unless you fail. Don’t get disheartened but learn from your mistakes and move on.

13. Try something new

Move on, explore more and challenge yourself. This will help you let go your fear of trying new things in life.

14. Time for yourself

While you’ll be surrounded by people all day round, spending some quality time with yourself is also equally important. If not anything else, you’ll start knowing yourself better.

15. I, me, myself

Get rid of this ideology. It will not take you anywhere. Be concerned, be caring, be loving – but remember – not at the cost of your own happiness.

Are you stuck with anything from the above list? If yes, let it go, NOW! And move your life forward. If you want to know how to move on in life?

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