How to Create your own Branding?

Create your own Branding

Create your own Branding: The first step to exposure for any start-up or Entrepreneur is to establish its brand in the market. The advent of social media has made this whole job of brand creation a lot easier. There are a lot of competitors in any arena, so your efforts towards creating a brand should be to make it stand out of the rest. Furthermore, a well-established brand name becomes inseparable from the niche of products it sells in an industry. This is more like when you recall a popular brand name, you immediately associate it with its product or services instead of relating to it as a brand making business.

Firstly, be Genuine. Yes, it is true that your brand exists to make money and not charity, but again be authentic about what exactly you are going to sell to your customers. Instead of manipulating people into buying something through careful moulding of popular perceptions, your marketing gestures should reflect that you’re addressing people’s concerns. Be genuine about the promises your brand makes at the time of sales, and you will gain long-term loyal customers. If your claims are fake, it won’t be long before people would see through them and it would jeopardise your branding efforts.

Build a good communication channel and be active in communicating with others, be it a social engagement, conference or social networking platform. Highlight your brand’s USPs and keep a confident tone of communication. Don’t be boastful or appear overzealous. Your confidence should complement your humility, such that your brand is viewed as customer friendly. It is also important that during such communications you remain open to feedbacks and criticism. This will reflect that you are ready to improvise and evolve towards betterment.

Develop a catchy brand image and tagline. This is important to embed your brand’s presence in people’s minds. The brand logo and tagline should be attractive and reflect your business. This will help to make your brand synonymous with the products you plan to sell. So it’s like when somebody looks for a product, they are more likely to quote the brand’s name in place of the product. This might take time for a new brand, but it is definitely worth aiming for.

In today’s age, you can’t do without an online presence. Rather it is an advantage to make your brand available in as different forms of media as possible. For getting an internet presence for your brand, initially start off with a website and later on develop a corresponding app according to market responses. It is important to invest in a website (preferably a responsive one) and keeping it updated regularly. Build on a strong social media presence; keep your personal social profiles relating to your brand as professional as possible.

At all costs maintain the relevancy of your brand. Do your homework, study market trends even if you are an expert. Be flexible and welcome changes. Adopt an optimistic view and work relentlessly for your brand; it might take time but your efforts will not go wasted.

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