Glitch in the System

Previously l talked about the “40-year System”.

“To get a good education; secure a good job and climb the career ladder for the next 40 years”.

In fact, l haven’t even completed a 40 year programme defined in a traditional economy, I actually found a “glitch” in the system somewhere along the way.

It wasn’t until I hit my mid 30’s that I started to became unsatisfied with my career, the long hours,the never ending cycle of sameness and ego driven making decisions in the workplace that felt like l couldn’t really make a difference in a man’s world. So I embarked on a career change strategy and studied Natural Medicine part-time whilst continuing to work full-time.

On graduating from my new Career, I started my own business and also continued to work in construction. Life got even more stressful, working two full-time jobs; l was torn. I couldn’t give up my high paying career, as my lifestyle would suffer, but on the other hand l wanted to follow my passions and practice natural medicine.

Naturally, I was scared, I feared the unknown, going it alone and facing possible failure seemed like the worst nightmare, so it became easier to stay in a career that ironically I no longer enjoyed but I was so customised to a routine.

Then one day, l got made redundant, laid off work… So that was it, the decision had been made for me. I no longer had a job.

‘Now, I finally had to go it alone’, and it was only then l really started to re-think my game plan.

I started researching my options in life.

It was then l really started to really understand the “glitch” in the system.

I knew that practicing natural medicine was not going to make me rich.

And what l next went on to realise was that by already following the system for over twenty years, it did not give me “Wealth Creation”.

I thought that it did at the time of working for a boss, but what really happened all those years was that ‘I worked for money’, ‘l didn’t get my money to work for me’.

‘Sure l earnt a lot, l spent a lot too!’ My income reflected my expenditure and it made me happy at the time. Being about to afford luxury property, sports cars, business class travel and a designer wardrobe was a whirl wind of living the high life for many years.

But when l finally got laid off from work, and really started thinking about my life and direction, I really started to understand what the ‘glitch’ really meant.

l had not actually created ‘wealth creation’ for myself. The money stopped, l no longer worked for a boss, l worked for myself and l had not set up my business structure in such a way to generate any kind of ‘passive income’.

Time to revaluate….

Time to swap ‘Traditional’ ways of thinking for ‘New Age Thinking’ and create an action plan to
secure the kind of lifestyle we all want to live for the rest of our lives…

So until my next blog post; thank you for taking the time to tune in LifestyleCoach101.
Ciao 😉 Amanda

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