Finding Freedom in Everyday life

Finding Freedom in Everyday life

The sense of freedom and limitation can have a very greater impact in the life of a person. The person who feels free at his heart and mind is the person who lives his life as per his wishes and desires, however, a person who feels bonded with the external forces, ends up living the life of no less than a slave. Here, in this piece of writing, my motive is not to make you rebellious in your thoughts and words in your professional and personal life, however, there is an option to choose the way in which you can also follow the rules and along with that the sense of feeling free is also there.

If you think that you have become no less than the slave of the society or your own mind then you can actually change this phenomena by bringing little changes in your life and with those little changes you may feel a little surprised and you will also feel happy about it.

Let us look the ways by which you can find freedom in your everyday life:

Be Detached

It is not a spiritual knowledge, but by becoming completely detached with the events which happen in your life be it the positive or negative events, you will feel sense the feel of freedom which doesn’t keep you bounded to situations or things in your life.

Break the Rules

Don’t take this statement literally, but it is always recommended to get a change in your daily life by breaking the rules in which you do certain things. As the monotonous feel in your life can make you feel depressed and sad, it is better to break some rules to make life a little exciting and joyous.

Don’t Overthink

Many people have the habit to keep their minds busy with the feeling of overthinking about the daily events which make them feel imprisoning and uninterested in the events of life. Make sure that you don’t ponder upon your thoughts in the same way again and again. Free your brain from the habit of overthinking.

Think Positive

May be it’s a cliché but by putting more positive thoughts in your mind you will feel a sense of freedom and happiness whereas the feel of sadness and negativity will bind you to live a sad life.

Make it happen

If you feel a little cheeky or uncomfortable in doing new things, and you end up not doing it because of the outer impacts, it will always keep you bounded as a slave of your mind. Make sure that you do things as per your heart’s wish, don’t think about it, don’t worry about what people think, just do the things which give you a sense of freedom. It can be anything from dancing, gossiping, wearing some outlandish outfit. Just do whatever you want.

So, stop living as per the terms & conditions and start living your life on your terms today! Happy freedom your SELF 

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  1. Jason Reply

    I am sure this piece of writing has touched all the internet users,
    its really really pleasant paragraph on building up new website.

    • Amanda Reply

      Hi Jason,

      Thank you for your feedback on my “Finding Freedom in Everyday life” blog post.
      Indeed, I do hope it has touched the life of many internet users!!

      I also understand that it can be really difficult finding freedom in everyday life but believe me it is possible. I searched and searched for many years, but really it all came down to at the end of the day was changing my mindset, believing in myself and honouring what my heart and soul truly desires! Now I have found freedom, it is my mission to help inspire as many people as possible to also find freedom in their lives.

      If you like to learn more about how to achieve the success mindset and how to achieve freedom in your life, then I invite you to connect with me on Facebook. Here you will receive a daily LIFESTYLE tip of the day whilst I embark on my LIFESTYLE TOUR 2016 around the world!

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      I look forward to hearing from you and providing you with more great content and inspiration soon!
      Amanda – LIFESTYLECOACH101

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