DESIRE- Key to Win

DESIRE Key to Win: It is a natural attribute of man to have desires. Everyone in life wants to get something special. Some grow up to become doctors or engineers, some want to make their name in trade. Similarly, some do social service as they want to walk on the path of devotion to God. All individuals have different desires, but very few of them are seen who realize their desires. And the few lucky ones are able to give shape to their will. Such individuals usually have strong will-power and they always look forward to living a certain goal.

Long and aimless life is like an Oak tree which lives for years and not any of its parts are useful. Life would be meaningless if we do not have ambition, we need a target or a reason to live. Life should be like a lily which only blooms for a day but at least it gives peace and tranquillity to its onlookers and adds beauty to the nature. Most people’s lives are so successful because they have a goal. Target whether bad or good, it makes us exercise.

Humans have a certain goal in life which is mandatory. Aimless man is like the game of cricket in which the bowler throws the ball, but never takes the wickets. Like, in the usual game of football if we remove the goal post, imagine the position of the players. So in life also we need to have a desire of definite goal and a definite direction. As Confucius said “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence”.

Question yourself what are your dreams, passion, desire, ones you find them chase them as your only motive of your life. Follow your passions & dreams, make them become your reality; find a way to make it happen for your happiness & satisfaction in life. You will reach the path automatically once you start chasing your dreams. Never ignore your passion because that is your strength and only your passion can make you win.

Dreams can manifest as reality by the pursuit of hard work, a desire for excellence and a belief in ourselves that we achieve anything. Follow your dreams, success will follow you. Passion is like a car and hard work like gas; both of them together make you reach your dream. Ones you know what you want in life no obstacle can stop you, in fact there will come a phase where you see all obstacles as challenge and you convert them in your strength.

There will be situations where you might lose hope, but you have to keep yourself motivated. To remain motivated is also one of the main difficult challenge. Most of the time people change their way in this phase. Sometimes you are just a step away from your aim and you step back because you lose confidence in yourself. Create such environment where you can inspire yourself, do things what you like, stay away from people who discourage you, watch movies, documentaries or read books which inspires you. Sometimes even family members may not be as supportive as you expect, in this situation you have to keep calm as no one realize the importance of your dream other than you. Once you have hope, faith, courage and tolerance in yourself, nothing in this world can stop you achieving your goal. And after you reached your goal you will just not earn money and fame but also your lost friends and family love. Only your desires can dig out the greatness in you and gives you self-satisfaction. And as Napoleon Hill said“The starting point of all achievement is Desire”.

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