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Coaching back to Wellness: In previous blog posts, l talked about how an online educational system can help you grow and take your business to the next level. Then I talked about a ‘glitch’ I found in the system, where no one teaches you about ‘wealth creation’ and how to have your money work for you, and in my more recent blog post l talked about the ‘Matrix’ and getting lost in life and then finding direction again though health and wellness.

In this week’s blog post, I would like to share with some information on ‘What is Wellness Coaching? and also about the benefits of engaging the services of a ‘Wellness Coach’. See when I got sick and find myself landed up in the matrix, which was a dark hole of nothingness, l fell into a deep dark depression & despair that I could wish on no one, but unfortunately most people suffer with some form of depression at some stage of their lives. So, being in the matrix, I could see no way out until I hit rock bottom one day and found myself walking down the high street and at the shops in sudden pain, which extended down the right side of my body. My right hip just froze up, and the pain worsened to the point l could not walk. However fortunately I was not far away from help and I managed to found myself a wellness coach who was more than just a counsellor or a health expert, this particular wellness coach specialized in holistic health and wellbeing, something completely new to me. But since I was there l was definitely open to getting immediate pain relief as you can imagine.

So what are the benefits of a Wellness Coach?

A wellness coach brings out the holistic transformation in your system. You learn about the developments in your body, the eating habits, positive approach, etc. Here are some of the major benefits for you to comprehend:

  • We are nothing without our physical form and hence it is of utmost importance to understand and keep our body in good shape. Wellness coaching will help you to understand the importance of this.

  • We might know it, but are reluctant to accept it. Not everything that we eat is good for our body. A wellness coach will not only help you with the right ingredients for intake but also tell you the right proportion of food.

  • Managing the level of stress is the most pressing issue for people of all age. Well coaching will teach you how to cope up with it.

  • Everything seems easy and smooth when accomplished with a positive approach. All of us have certain good and certain bad times. Taking a positive approach in life will help you resolve even the most complex issues. This is done perfectly well by a wellness coach.

Holistic approach to Health and Wellness

While wellness coaching is relatively a new concept in the world of health and fitness yet is so unique that it attracts everyone’s attention. They might come across like “kind-of” personal trainers, but in the true sense, they are far beyond that.

A personal trainer is the right person to work-out with your bodily structure. Depending upon your physical form, they advise you the best exercises to tone it.

On the other hand, doctors or for that matter nutritionist prescribe medications depending upon your history and body profile. Their focus is only on what’s going on inside your body.

Wellness coaching on the other hand is a combination of all of these. Your wellness coach is partially a trainer, a dietician and also a psychologist to some extent. This is the reason why wellness coaching is termed as a holistic approach to heal you. Their ultimate goal is to heal people from within, by helping them to encounter their inner being and giving a new reason to live and a new twist to their wellness.

Introspecting your body at a much deeper and emotional level

A wellness coach will introspect within you at much deeper level than you could otherwise do. While a doctor can help you lead a long and healthy life, he has his own restrictions. No medicine can treat you if your body fails to accept it. You inner, emotional self should be willing to accept the changes in and around you. That is when the need of a wellness coach appears. Health and wellness coach will evaluate you and basis that design tailor-made programs for each individual to focus on his physical, mental, and emotional health. Thus, wellness coaching not only treats you from the outside but also heals at emotional level.

Helps to achieve your health goals

Health and wellness trainers are trained professional who will sit-back calmly, listen to all the problems endured by you and then work individually upon every facet. They work with you individually and guide you to achieve all your short, medium or long term health-related goals. And how do they achieve this? Well, they technically try to eliminate all the unhealthy behaviours and create a beautiful, healthy lifestyle for you. Their on-going motivation makes it easy for those taking their services to succeed with their health goals.

Get A wellness coaching programme tailored to your needs.

It is good to seek help before it too late to act. Every individual willing to live a happy life and healthier lifestyle should approach a wellness coach. Depending upon the case of respective people, a wellness coach will tailor a programmer for you that best suit your requirements.

Heal yourself naturally, without medications

If you too are living a perturbed life, it’s the right time you see a wellness coach. He will not only bring life back on track for you but also his programme will have long-lasting effects on your body. Their simple yet effective techniques are a natural healer. You don’t have to depend on heavy doses of medications to get the trauma out of your system. Wellness coaching is a unique concept in health and fitness that works well even without medications.

Time to try it out for yourself

So, if you tired of short-term fixes and medications that don’t have lasting effects in your body, or if you are unhappy with your current body structure or diet intake, wellness coaching is the right option for you. If you facing tough and challenging times in your life, feel free to reach out a wellness coach and I’m sure he will be more than happy to guide you.

And why not mix it up a bit with Lifestyle fitness coaching to get the body back in tune with the emotional health and wellbeing? I have tried this and I assure you that it’s worth a game. If you ever find yourself in a fix, unable to find the right solution, I strongly recommend giving it a try.

I found by engaging the services of a wellness coach and a lifestyle fitness coach, combined over the course of the next few years my health returned to optimal levels and went to strength to strength on my holistic journey and you can too.

So until my next blog post; thank you for taking the time to tune in LifestyleCoach101.

Ciao 😉 Amanda

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