Breathing in the four-walled cubicle, sitting in the same chair, laying hands on the same desktop, obliging to every command of the seniors, gearing up for achieving targets, waiting for performance appraisals, sighing at unintended blunders, and the list goes on. This is the unfortunate story of every salaried man, something that is common across the globe.

Breaking this legacy, how would it feel to simply put the papers, pack your bags and set your foot on board – to travel the world! Amazing, isn’t it?

Check out how you can leave your job and travel the world and break-free:

1. Stop waiting for the right Moment

There’s no right moment. It is you who have to create the right moment. If you are really planning to be as crazy as quitting the job and travelling the world, believe in it and act upon it. Stop being the I-will-travel-the-world-one-fine-day dreamer. Don’t waste time in creating dreams, instead rush out and fulfill it.

2. Once decided, Don’t budge

Be a firm believer in your dreams. If you dream to travel go travel. Nothing and no one can stop you from achieving it. Spend every minute of your life thinking how you are going to achieve it, research on the internet, meet people, take ideas, listen to suggestions, work on preparing your travel plan, hunt for cheap places to visit – all you think is travelling – not an inch here or there.

3. Start giving up on luxurious lifestyle

The moment you get serious about your plans, accept the fact that you won’t live a luxurious, fancy life once you hit the roads. There would times when you’ll have to live in tents, eat roadside food, give up on your latest iPhone in order to buy a ticket, etc. Be prepared for everything.

4. Save, save, save – as much as you can

Travelling may come in cheap but not free. You need to save a lot of money to be able to live your dream – of course, it also depends on the place you chose to travel and how much money you have before you embark on your travel mission. Sell out the old stuff, things that will become obsolete once you start your new journey. It will fetch you a lot of money.

5. Make a Checklist

Just as the time nears, you’ll go crazy with “what to do” and “what not to do”. Hence, it is always better to start making a checklist of things you have to do from day one. As the first flight day would draw nearer, you’ll know you are prepared to face it.

6. Begin the Preparations

Arranging for passports, fetching maps of your first place of visit, getting a travel insurance done for you, shopping for the necessities – the backpack, the shoes, the jackets, collecting medications required, if any, etc.

7. On the Marks, Get Set and Go!

Fly out to your first destination and resolve to never come back, ever!

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