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I create change in people’s lives by facilitating guidance & expert advice on ‘Entrepreneurship’, ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Wellness’ & ‘Coaching’.

So what does a Lifestyle Coach do?

If you glanced over my profile, you will see that I am an ex-corporate employee whom has achieved a high level of success in a man’s world in a career spanning 18 years. You could say that these 18 years alone qualify me alone as a coach of sorts; like how to understand what goes on in a man’s brain & figure out how men think! Well who knows if l have got men completely figured out; after all, will men ever completely figure women out….???

So, besides working alongside men for a good chunk of my working life, l also travelled extensively for business and leisure. My construction project management career commissioned me to work in parts of Europe, Australia & Asia. And as for personal life, I love travelling and have explored many countries of Europe, Asia, and Australasia and also travelled to parts of India, Mexico & Brazil. I also have much more extensive travel planned over the next few years that l would love to share with you on my Blog as my journeys unfold.

As well a corporate back ground and a passion for travel, l am also a qualified Natural Therapist. In conjunction with a corporate career, l returned to night school and studied Naturopathy, Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine a few years ago and formed my Natural Medicine practice ‘Amanda’s Therapies’. Over my corporate life, I realised that I had to heal myself with all the stress of working long 12-hour days plus, that l had endured over many years. I also wanted to learn how to be in the best possible health that l could be to run a successful business and continue to grow healthy for the rest of my life. I then followed my passion and continue to do so with helping others improve their quality of life with recommendations on how to live a holistic lifestyle.

I also am a fitness fanatic and have exercised most of my life. In my twenties, I ran in numerous half marathons and cycled for many years in London, however these days, my fitness focus is more focused around Yoga, Core Strength, Resistance Training with not so much cardiovascular training; although l still love my Cross-Trainer for low impact training, (it’s a lot easier on the knees).

These days, in conjunction with my compounding corporate, travel & health lifestyle back ground, I can also be found investing time in generating wealth creation. See for the most part of my life up until recently, l was working for my money, but now l am learning how to make my money work for me. It wasn’t until l discovered an online educational system a few months back that l started to learn about how to really take my business online and create “Passive Income” (money received on a regular basis) from creating my own products and also selling other companies products as an affiliate.

Also, the added advantage of learning from an online educational system such as the one l researched is that it is a “Done For You System” that teaches you about all the techy stuff and the best way to take your business online to keep up with the digital age that we are living in. And I felt that my business was way too important to me not to take it to the next level and learn how to generate more income by learning how to be smarter and ‘make money work for me and no longer have me work for my money’.

So that’s my brief introduction, providing an insight on LifestyleCoach101.

And over coming weeks and months, l would like to share with you tips and useful information on how you can stay healthy, travel the world, create wealth & abundance in your lives and learn how to manifest a life style on your terms.

So until my next blog post; thank you for taking the time to tune in LifestyleCoach101.
Ciao 😉 Amanda

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