What is stress? It’s an unequivocal reflection of our thoughts. Overwhelm yourself with pessimism and the burden of stress will load your back; OR plunge into thoughts of optimism and bid farewell to your stress.

Yes, it is that easy. Learn these 20 ways to eliminate stress from your life:

1. Access and Identify

Of course, in order to deal with it, you need to first identify the varied sources of your stress.

2. Superfluous commitments

From family to work, we make commitments in all walks of life. Access the unnecessary, redundant commitments and break ties with it, immediately.

3. Procrastination

It’s human. We all suffer from this. But every minute of delay will do nothing but add up to your stress level.

4. Learn to be organized

Being organized will eliminate the chaos and possibilities of blunders. This will be of utmost help to eliminate the stress level.

5. Be punctual

Being late for a meeting or functions always freaks us out. Take note of this – punctuality is one of the important factors to live a light, stressful life.

6. Control

You cannot control all the things in the world. The only possible attempt that you can make is controlling yourself. Let go of things, delegate tasks and keep calm, at all times.

7. Multitasking:

Multitasking is good, but it also decelerates your speed and eventually stresses you out. Learn to prioritize your tasks.

8. Avoid Exertion

Too much work pressure and exertion will only add stress and no value. Analyze the energy drainers and cut them loose, forever.

9. Break Ties

There will be a long list of not-so-important and fake people in your life. Break ties with all these unwanted species who tend to put you off.

10. Simple lifestyle

A simple, sober and clean lifestyle can be the most effective stress buster for anyone and everyone.

11. Time for Yourself

Don’t plan your entire day or fix back-to-back meetings. Leave some open, unplanned time to distress yourself.

12. Go Slow

A fast, active life is essential to sustain and succeed but at the same time, it is pertinent to relish the flavors of life by moving slow and stress-free.

13. Make others Smile

Being the reason for someone’s smile is perhaps the most achieving moment of life. Take out time for others and help them.

14. Relax During the day

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Take mini-breaks and see how stress will fly away.

15. Chase your Dreams

If you are unhappy with your job, have the courage to quit it and indulge yourself in a job that you dream of.

16. Prioritize

Don’t stuff your to-do list with everything that you have to do. Prioritize and simplify your day.

17. Workout

The best stress prevention technique – workout and meditate. It will make you more cheerful than ever.

18. Healthy Food

Adding to the above, it is pertinent to eat good food to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

19. Be Content

Instead of cribbing for what you are missing in life, learn to appreciate what you have and be content with it.

20. Gleeful Surroundings

A man is made out of his surroundings. Be around cheerful and happy people who motivates you to be the same.

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