10 Skills You Need to be Successful

10 Skills You Need to be Successful

What do you really need to be successful in life? A lot of people will instantly raise their hands and say ‘positivity’. Some might go a little further and say ‘law of attraction’. While the role of these two things is not being contested here, but there are some more tangible skills that we need to develop to be truly successful. So, here is a quick rundown of the 10 Skills You Need to be Successful (they may not necessarily be in the order of importance or priority).

1) Public Speaking

You may have noticed that most of the successful people are also good speakers. They can address a group of small or large audience. The good news is that public speaking is a skill that can be cultivated over time.

2) Writing Skills

While some may be surprised to see ‘writing’ making to the top 10 of the success ingredients, it does play an important role. Good writing is just a reflection of your ability to think coherently and to organize your thoughts.

3) Sales Skills

Not a lot of people know that most of the people who made it to the top have had strong sales skills. This skill is not just about the ability to sell the products. It is also about being able to sell your idea and more importantly yourself.

4) Transferrable Skills

No job is a bad job and there is always something to learn and adopt. You may think that the skill learnt may not be relevant to your future endeavour. However, the truth is that there are certain skills that are universally applicable (such as people management, time management, crisis handling, and more).

5) Interpersonal Skills

The way you deal with the people you work with plays a huge role in your success. To be successful, it is extremely important to be a team player. The more you are likable the more you are likely to get the success.

6) Networking Skills

The ability to create contacts and network is one of the biggest skills you will need to be successful. All the successful people in this world were first able to build big networks. Through the channel of networking, you can give the passage to the ideas. You can also get a lot done through the people in the network.

7) Self management Skills

Just how many people do you think you know who are completely self-disciplined. Indeed very few. Self discipline and self management are extremely important to succeed in this world.

8) Decision making Skills

when everything is black and white and unambiguous, decision making is easy. However, when you are caught in a dilemma and your decision could have many possible outcomes, and not all of them necessarily favourable, that is the time when your decision making capabilities are tested.

9) Project Management Skills

The ability to manage the projects by breaking it down to granular level is also important for success.

10) Industry related Skills

If you are getting into a particular industry, some knowledge is a must. For instance, if you are coming up with an App Designing company, you will want to make sure you know some things about coding.

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