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In this short eBook you will discover exactly how the internet has changed the way in which we do business, and you will also learn the following:   A time line of how internet technology has developed over the last 20 years & where exactly it is headed in to the remainder of the 21st century. Alarming stats, figures, facts and findings published by Forbes (American Business magazine), live internet stats, social media & various other tools and resources. How social media has impacted the way in which we do business since the…Read more

‘How the Internet Will Change Your Business & Increase Your Profitability’

By Amanda Wright "Have you ever stopped to think how technology has advanced in the last 20 years?" Perhaps you weren’t even born 20 years ago and don’t know any different, but for many of us, you would remember how exciting it was when 'Hotmail' was launched (1996), which revolutionized the internet and the beginning of email correspondence. Since then we have seen the launch of Google (1998), the dotcom collapse (2000), the introduction of Skype (2003), Facebook launched to college students (2004), iPhone technology (2007), and the number of internet users increasing…Read more

Real Examples Of How To Bring Your Content And Brand To Life

Do you wish to revive your old post and wish to get a number of clicks? Here, we are going to share very simple, easy-to-follow and real examples of how to bring your content and brand to life. Let’s have a look. 1 Why Do Not You turn your favourite content into an eye-catching Animated Video - Why do not you create an animated video of your old content? Do not you think it sounds very existing? If yes!!! Then what are you waiting for? You just need to a bit hard work…Read more

It is time to stop making excuses

Yes!!! We all have a bad habit of making excuses, when it comes to pursuing our dreams. Have you ever tried to find out why we always find a reason not to follow our dreams or not to take action? Not only this, but we are also blessed with a kind of the incredible ability to justify why the dream is not being followed by us. We feel proud at the time of convincing ourselves that we are not doing it because of that reason. Let’s Check Out What Kind Of Excuse We…Read more